Wristband and Bracelet USB Flash Drives

Custom print bracelet USB flash drive styles are relatively new additions to the USB custom flash drive portfolio, but despite being somewhat new, the wristband USB flash drive has wasted no time in becoming a favorite across many industries from tax professionals, education, healthcare (Medical Alert Bands), as well as telecom to name a very few. We offer six styles of bracelets with logo USB flash drives, all of which are high quality branded USB drives, and most of which offer a colorful bracelet USB flash drive option that’s sure to be a hit with your clients and prospects at your next event! For additional details on any of the below styles, click on the image that conveys the message in line with your company’s image!


Bulk custom USB wristbands are a rapidly rising style of choice, combining the durability of soft silicone, and convenience of being able to wear your promotional USB.


The custom metal USB bracelet & the leather bracelet USB each offer a heavy dose of class and style blended with functionality, which when combined with the fun of the wristband USB style is a perfect blending of the two that results in a perception that’s greater than the sum of its parts!


The custom Classic wristband, is by FAR, the most widely appealing of all the custom USB wristbands, and is also the most cost effective of the available wristband options.