Wooden USB Flash Drives

Our wooden custom USB category is a great choice for many businesses, but most appropriate for clients seeking to communicate a high-level value and an exceptionally unique image message in promoting their business.Though this style of branded USB is offered at a slight premium, the stylish elegance conveyed through the craftsmanship and materials more than justify the nominal cost increase. Should your organization focus on the upper echelon of image, reputation & quality, our wooden promotional USB’s are an excellent selection. For additional details, click on the style that matches the unique image your product or company represents.


Custom wood USB styles were designed for organizations across different verticals, however, what they all have in common is a heavily vested interest in quality, style and image, where price is the least area of interest.


The wooden custom USB styles are only about 15% higher than our standard styles, yet they deliver an elegance appropriate for the finest of designers, fine builders, photographers, & fashion to name a few.


Should our wood custom USB styles be right for you, you are almost all but certain to enjoy a substantial return on your investment!