Satisfied Clients

Pragmatic Works –
When we decided to house our class files on a USB and give it to students at our workshops, we wanted something branded and unique.

USB Custom Flash Drives delivered with competitive pricing and knowledge exceeding our expectations. Our students expressed positive feedback, confirming our custom USB bracelet investment was a success.

Melissa Watts
Marketing Leader


Something Awful –

I gotta give you credit where credit is due…you were amazing to deal with throughout the entire process and very forthcoming about how you do business, your suppliers, etc.

That you emailed me tracking information on Thanksgiving and made sure to call me to let me know how the order was progressing, was exceptionally refreshing, plus it was clear to me that you were genuinely grateful to have the business and intrigued by our co-op model.

I was *INCREDIBLY* impressed with the way the you run your business, and I can’t recommend you enough should my friends or colleagues want to do things like this in the future.


Michael Board
Something Awful LLC
Everett, WA


iT2 Services –

The service, delivery speed, and quality were all exceptional, but what most impressed me was your commitment to quickly and effectively resolving the minor issue that occurred, as that’s what truly defines excellence.

Thanks again,

David Chapman
VP of Sales


American Relief Agency for the Horn of Africa (ARAHA) –

The pleasure was all mine and thanks again for your hard work!

I appreciate the sincerity of your service as this is what many people are looking for when it comes to customer service.

I appreciate your advice on what to watch out for while shopping, but I won’t need it, as I’ve found our provider with you!

Tamer Abdelaziz
Fundraising & Marketing Coordinator


Alfa Thermodiagnostics –
Hi Marshall

RECEIVED AND as we say in Boston “WICKED AWESOME”!!
Take Care,

Curtis Davis


Exxon Mobil: Industrial Lubricants Division –
I do appreciate that you’d like to correct the uploads we failed to connect on, but I admire your ethics and morale character which is very rare these days. Not too many times do you see people continually follow up and want to fix mistakes.

I do not expect you to credit back any money. The flash drives were well liked and have been a big hit. Thanks for your help and customer service! And yes, I plan to use you in the future again.

Matthew Dinslage
Lubrication Engineer
Lakeville, MN


The Mondays Photography –
USB Custom Flash Drives is the BEST!

Sincerely one of the most phenomenal small business owners we have worked with in years!

Marshall was always quick to respond to emails, honest with his pricing, and did not hassle us at all.

Our Flash drives came out beautifully (and very quickly might I add) and exactly what had been depicted in the preview.

One thing I really appreciated was Marshall’s ability to show a sense of humor in response to mine while always maintaining professionalism. Highly recommend using this company for all of your USB needs.

Allie Monday


Pics Telecom International –
HI Marshall,

I wanted to thank you for having our wrist straps delivered on time as promised for our Trade Show.

They were a huge hit and I thought you and your company did a great job. I have referred you to someone (Katie Sagar) at our corporate office and she will be contacting you to order a bunch of these for the sales people at HQ. YAY!!

Thanks again for all your help!

Kathy Machielli
PICS Telecom Internationall


Sharp Think Consulting –

I want to take the time to thank you for all of your help.

I know this wasn’t ideal timing and I’m thankful for your patience in this all. It was a pleasure working with you and hopefully we can work together again sometime soon!

Ari Sinay
Account Coordinator


Urban Digital Solutions –
Great news, the drives were at the hotel when I got there last night, and they look perfect!
You had me very worried, but I am a perfectionist myself, and I do fully understand holding yourself to only the highest standard. However, to me and to both partners, the logo looks fantastic, the color is perfect, and the drives had the correct content.

While we were all sweating a little under such a tight time constraint, the drives made it in time, and so there is absolutely no need for any compensation while we do appreciate and respect your offer.

Please extend my gratitude to your manufacturer for expediting so efficiently.

We strongly value your work ethic and outstanding customer service, and look forward to doing business with you again next year (perhaps slightly earlier in the year!).

Please keep us updated with new developments in regards to the new products you plan on offering so that if there are other products we can throw your way, we will know about it.

Thank you again, and have a good day!

Christina Delouise
Executive Assistant


Physicians Software Solutions –
…You had asked I reach out to you regarding my supplier of the USB custom flash drive I gave you at Mix. His name is Marshall Glowka and he helped me at each stage of the process from picking out the kind of drive I was going to use to suggestions on artwork, etc.

The feedback was more positive than I had expected on these, and if you were thinking of doing something similar with your clients, I would recommend Marshall for the job. He’s very much like us in that he is an independent reseller working hard for his clients.

Adam Ziegler CEO
Bellingham, WA


The Directors Cut –
….and this is why I love working with small business. Your attention to detail and authentic customer service did not go unnoticed.

They look amazing, Thank you! Will take some pictures of the bracelets in action and we will talk soon about further orders.

Bryan Goldmintz


Agventures Inc. –
I have complete faith that you will have these looking as great in reality as they do in the proof you provided. I believe you have answered … even anticipated … most of my questions. If I have any further questions, I will be sure to contact you right away.

Thank you, Marshall, for all of your help and attention to detail. With our dealings in the last two days you have set yourself, and therefore your company, apart as one of the best.

If you have any questions for me, please do not hesitate to call. Thank you.

Selena K Gregory
Executive Assistant
Kentland, IN


Texas A&M University –
Just got them and they look great! Color’s absolutely perfect.

Thanks for working with us!

Val Coleman
Admissions Director


2T Photography –

Just got the USB keys in and they look AMAZING!!!!! I’m so excited and overwhelmed with joy! These far reached my expectations!

Thu Tran


Aryzta (La Brea Bakery-Otis Spunkmeyer) –
You’ve done great! I completely understand that things out of your control can occasionally delay shipment, and the sticks came out VERY nicely!


Fernando Herrera
Director of Marketing


MTH Design –
We appreciate your commitment to working through the weekend to ensure our client’s order arrived as anticipated. The drives look great, and our client was pleased with the USBs and they worked well for their trade show.

Gary Hutchison


Pan American Health Organization –
The drives arrived and we are very pleased with the product…they look great!! I will pass around your contact info to my colleagues so they can get in touch with you for future needs.


Luis Proano
Administrative Officer


Progressive Medical Center –
I received the 500 USB flash drives this AM. Someone was kind enough to place the box on my desk. Thank you very much for making this happen. I look forward to a long relationship with USB Custom Flash Drives!


Jenny Rodriguez
Director of Purchasing


Huge Inc. –
Thanks for all your help getting this on such short notice, 3 days is IMPRESSIVE! Thanks for working with us on such a tight timeline. We really appreciate it and will definitely honor our commitment to you.


Adam Price
Senior Project Manager


ExpoBadge Inc. –
I am so glad that you pulled through for us, this will not be forgotten.

I look forward to receiving these drives tomorrow morning and can’t thank you enough for being so prompt and working this out with us. I meant to reply to your last email, unfortunately things got very busy here and it completely got missed, but I am glad you followed up. Thanks again!

Robert Albright
Operations Manager


Sprouse and Neuhoff –
LOVE em!!! The flash drives arrived while we were gone for Thanksgiving – they look great – loading up my first batch tonight – Thank you!!!!

Amanda Neuhoff


MK Communications –
Thanks for putting this together so quickly! They look great and I’m floored that you were able to deliver such a large quantity so fast!

Lindsey Lerner
Account Executive


Vickey Weiss –
I just got the drives and custom wood boxes!! They look great!!! I’m very pleased – Thank you very much!

Vickey Weiss


Healthtech Consultants –
Just received the USBs, they look great! Thanks for your customer service and keeping us in the loop, I appreciate it.

I look forward to working with you in the future.

Darryl Fraser
Director of Purchasing


Surgiquest –
We received the flash drives and they are as perfect as we’ve come to expect.

Maria Silva
Global Sales and Marketing Coordinator


Project Management Academy –
We received our USBs Friday, and they look great!!
Thank you so much for your help in this matter!

Shaila Boudia
Head of Purchasing


Alcon Inc –
Package arrived today, safe & sound. Thank you for the speedy service and I will certainly keep you in mind for our next order.

Karen Wright
Marketing Coordinator


Other Satisfied Clients