Pen USB Flash Drives

Multi-function pen custom USB drives have been a staple in our industry for some time. This is largely as they are a reasonably affordable executive give away, and offer dual functionality, and even one branded pen drive option that adds a laser pointer to the writing utensil and custom USB drive. While these are certainly unique and offer a cost effective executive give away, it should be noted that the writing instrument is secondary to the quality of the promotional USB. That said, if your next marketing event calls for a novel give away that is sure to be enjoyed by all that receive one, click on a style below for a greater level of detail.

All of our branded USB pen drives are dual function with one exception, which adds a reliable laser pointer to the pen and custom USB drive.

Please note, that while our promotional USB pens are sure to be enjoyable, these pens are novelty items and should not be confused with a high quality-writing instrument like a Mont Blanc.