Packaging and Accessories For USB Flash Drives

When you need to leave a lasting impression, there is no better choice than our custom promotional packaging and/or accessories to house your personalized USB drives that will ensure your investment in the promotional item is maximized in terms of use and branding.

Your investment is minimal considering the dedication to quality and utility your promotional item will demonstrate to your clients every time they use it.

You’ll find a number of great custom options below, but if you want something you don’t see here simply ask. We can provide just about any packaging or accessory you desire.

Packaging and accessories increase the perception of utility and value for the custom USB you have selected
Clients appreciate and continue to use their custom USB drives with professional, classy packaging and accessories that make them exceptional
Packaging and accessories offer greater visibility of your logo and brand while protecting the custom USB device for longer term use
  • Classic Hardbox Case Classic Hardbox Case
  • Clear Magnetic Case Clear Magnetic Case
  • Metal Case Metal Case
  • Metal Gift Box Metal Gift Box
  • Metal Treasure Chest Metal Treasure Chest
  • Classic Metallic BoxClassic Metallic Box
  • Black Sleek Case Black Sleek Case
  • Pen Case Pen Case
  • Custom Wood Box Custom Wood Box
  • Retail Paper Box Retail Paper Box
  • Velvet Pouch Velvet Pouch
  • Credit Card Packaging Credit Card Packaging
  • Lanyards Lanyards
  • Key Rings Key Rings
  • Wire Key Ring Wire Key Ring