Mini USB Flash Drives

This category of promotional USB drive attracts a certain type of client whom arrives at our page already committed to a mini custom USB, and they never cease to be thrilled with the finished product when choosing wholesale USB drives from our site. Whether it’s a clever college graduate seeking to differentiate themselves with a mini branded paper clip USB attached to their resume, or a technology company interested in our custom mini swivel USB, client satisfaction is always through the roof for these promotional USB styles. Though slightly more expensive, should you be drawn to the mini branded USB styles, price is a distant second to being perceived by your clients as highly unique and differentiated, plus we offer wholesale USB drives so you can buy in bulk and save.. If you’d like your company to be perceived as highly unique and differentiated, click on a style below for additional details.


Though it may seem self-evident, it can’t be understated that our mini promotional USB drives, are surprisingly small, yet still deliver big results!


In helping ensure our clients full understand what “mini” means, before selecting this style; review the details specifications on their physical size.


Technology it seems, is always seeking to shrink, and in this our mini custom USB styles don’t disappoint in their uniqueness.