Metal USB Flash Drives

Custom metal USB drives aren’t requested as often as many of the other custom, bulk USB drives, and they certainly aren’t right for every promotional flash drive consumer. That said, when a company selects one of our metal styles, they are saying two things about their company, first that their style is critical to the image they are conveying, and equally important, they have a discerning eye for high quality and durability. Naturally, they are a bit more expensive than most styles, as the materials used to produce metal custom USB drives, from the drive body, to the type of chip, are of a higher quality than most of the other drive options. That said, despite being a bit more expensive than many styles, but we do offer bulk USB drive ordering options for this product to make it more cost efficient. We’ve never had a single metal promotional USB client that wasn’t absolutely thrilled with their selection. Click on the style below you feel best represents your company for additional details.


Custom metal USB drives, in bulk, are more durable, and generally offer a longer usable life due to their sturdy polished metal exteriors, plus, we even offer a waterproof metal flash drive for specific applications.


Companies that select these fine quality bulk USB drive options are generally very focused on their image, and tend to appreciate the added functionality of styles like the custom military dog tags, or the custom metal key, or even one of our two bottle opener styles, all of which have a versatility that makes them an exceptional choice to promote your business.


Our metal branded USBs stand out substantially relative to the more common styles, effectively conveying a commitment to quality on behalf of the companies using them to market their businesses.