Complimentary Data Services

We firmly believe in the value of promotional custom flash drives to businesses and organizations of all shapes and sizes.

To that end, we also know that there are certain approaches to marketing your company that yield a greater return, and we seek to empower our clients to reach that maximum ROI through value added services available with all of our custom USB styles.

Data Services

  Data Uploads
  Locking Uploads
  Iconic Icon
  Data Encryption
  Serialized Drives
These Complimentary Data Services Include:

Data Uploads: Many organizations intend to upload data to the customized drives they purchase from us. In striving to add complete value, we will upload data to each and every drive, free of charge, saving you an unbelievable amount of time and money vs. doing it yourself.


Locking Uploads: Many clients are concerned that the recipients of their flash drives will see their uploaded content, and in one quick click of the mouse, delete it from the drive. To thwart that possibility we offer a service – at no cost – that will “lock” your content on the drive permanently, but leave the remaining space for the recipient to use as they choose.


Iconic Icon: Sure, it’s a clever name, but it’s a simple concept whereby we can use your company’s logo, or other imagery, as the icon that represents the flash drive when it shows up on a user’s desktop. Essentially, a small image of your company’s logo appears alongside the drive as the identifier of that drive. Talk about being remembered!


Data Encryption: In many cases we’ve dealt with, the data that companies upload to their flash drive is sensitive and requires password protection should the drive be lost or stolen. As a result, we offer the ability to password protect any drive from would-be hackers so you don’t need to worry about the misuse of data stored on the drives you purchase from us.


Serialized Drives: In certain situations, some clients require that the drive identifier be unique and sequential for certain applications. We offer this service to our clients at no additional cost, thereby allowing you to effectively identify each drive numerically.