Making A Difference Through Special Alliances

Marshall Glowka – CEO
1% of our profits each quarter are donated
to the following organizations that are very
near and dear to my heart:

The American Red Cross provides emergency services and aid all over the globe anytime there’s a natural disaster and is usually onsite within 24 hours organizing disaster relief.

Equally important is the fact that the Red Cross actively works to support American Military Families providing much needed aid to the families of those who protect our freedoms in foreign combat.


As a child, each year my father and I would participate in a fishing event organized by the Boys and Girls Clubs of America where we were given the opportunity to take two children, about my age and from less privileged environments, fishing.

It was during those outings that I learned at a very young age how very fortunate I was, and equally so, how I could very well have been one of the children we took fishing instead of the other way around.

In the many years that have followed, I’ve been a supporter of the BCA for their excellence in programs from leadership development to education, providing invaluable skills to young people that will empower them to lead happier and more productive lives.


The Arthritis Foundation hits a bit closer to home, as I have a loved one who suffers with psoriatic arthritis, a debilitating joint and skin disease that remains very difficult to treat, and even when treated the outcomes are still a long way from being highly desirable.

Without the Arthritis Foundation, this and other forms of debilitating arthritis research – whether age related, rheumatoid, or psoriatic – would still be in its infancy.


Lastly, my affinity for the Susan B. Komen foundation should come as no surprise to anyone who has a mother, sister, daughter, wife, or any other female loved one who has been personally touched by breast cancer at some point in their lives.

To that end the Susan B. Komen foundation strives to raise funds and educate people in the battle against breast cancer through global events and legislative actions each year.

Other Charitable Donations:

It was our great honor and pleasure to be involved in supporting the Down Syndrome Research Foundation’s recent Lemonade Gala held in British Columbia, featuring a special appearance by Lauren Potter, a star of the hit TV show, “Glee.”


The Down Syndrome Research Foundation is committed to empowering those individuals born with Down syndrome to both reach, and reach beyond, their potential through the development and deployment of unique, highly advanced, and always evolving educational techniques designed through behavioral studies and medical imaging that help narrow the gap between research and practical application.

In our support, we were afforded the opportunity to charitably contribute by having a custom lemon shaped USB drive designed and manufactured that provided a unique and relevant touch of style specific for this event.

  If your company or non-profit is interested in working with USB Custom Flash Drives, simply contact us