About Us

  • Our Philosophy: Many companies claim service excellence, we truly deliver it.
  • Our Passion: Empowering businesses with cost effective, growth generating solutions.
  • Our Vision: Delivering excellence, one client at a time.

Custom flash drives are a commodity, that’s the simple and honest truth.

Therefore price is naturally a powerful motivator, and we certainly lead the industry in aggressively matching pricing when we can.

But what truly separates us – what defines us – is that we believe low prices and great service SHOULD NOT be mutually exclusive.

As such, we pair market leading prices with world-class consultative guidance tailored to each individual client’s needs in order to ensure we are delivering value beyond our products.

A true test of this service – and where our competition shrinks from the spotlight – is when things sometimes go wrong. It’s when these issues occur that we truly differentiate ourselves.

But our top-notch service is demonstrated in lesser ways every single day through our highly communicative approach, follow up, and follow through, all of which goes on long after you’ve received your order.

Simply put, we love the flash drive industry and are passionate about marketing in general. Whether you’re interested in our classic style promotional flash drives, or the custom shaped drives that have never previously been created, our passion revolves around helping people and businesses reach their goals.

In fact, one look at our list of satisfied clients and their kind words shows the measure of respect and appreciation we’ve garnered as a result of this approach.

At USB Custom Flash Drives, we are consumers just like you, and we remember when customer service really meant SERVICE – we not only remember, we believe that it never should have changed – and that’s how we run our business.


Marshall Glowka – CEO